Oct 23, 2023

Recognizing the Indispensable Nature of Trucking in the Past Year

In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the global economy and society as a whole. As countries went into lockdown and businesses were forced to shut down, one industry that proved to be indispensable was trucking.

The trucking industry, often overlooked and taken for granted, played a crucial role in keeping supply chains moving and providing essential goods to people in need. From delivering medical supplies to restocking grocery stores, truck drivers, commercial truck drivers, and their trucks became the lifeline of the economy during this difficult time.

Despite facing their own set of challenges, truckers continued their essential work, ensuring that essential goods could reach their destinations safely and efficiently.

In this article, we will delve into the indispensable nature of trucking in the past year, recognizing the vital role it played in keeping the world running amidst the pandemic.

We will explore the challenges faced by the industry, the adaptability and resilience of truckers, and the lasting impact of their efforts on the economy and society.

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'We Are an Industry of Doers, Problem Solvers and Risk Takers,' Writes Outgoing ATA Chairman

Having spent four decades in the trucking industry, I have witnessed firsthand the tremendous opportunities it offers. Trucking not only serves customers and employs countless individuals, but it also supports families and plays a vital role in the supply chains that keep communities and businesses running smoothly.

During my tenure as chairman of the American Trucking Association, I had the privilege of traveling across the country and even internationally, where I met remarkable people whose stories exemplify the essence of our industry. From multi-generational trucking company owners to hardworking drivers and unsung heroes, I saw how deeply ingrained trucking is in the fabric of America.

From the very beginning, I held great optimism for the future of our industry. Today, more than ever, I firmly believe that the prosperity and future of our nation are intertwined with the success of trucking.

Attending the State of the Union address earlier this year opened my eyes to the numerous issues that intersect with trucking, including infrastructure investment, ocean shipping reform, and energy policy. The ongoing pandemic has further emphasized the importance of trucking, placing us at the forefront of public consciousness and decision-making in Washington.

One issue that holds significant implications for trucking is the push for vehicle electrification and the broader climate agenda. How this unfolds in the coming years will greatly impact the way we operate and our ability to transport the majority of our economy's freight. It is clear that the success of America is deeply connected to the success of trucking, making it imperative for us to lead and influence in these matters.

Advocating for sensible policies

To advocate for sensible policies that align with environmental goals without disrupting the supply chain, we established the Clean Freight Coalition. This coalition brings together various stakeholders in the freight transportation industry to educate policymakers and the public about our industry's impressive track record of reducing emissions over the past three decades.

In our efforts to drive change, we met with lawmakers and government agencies to emphasize the availability of technology-neutral solutions that can effectively reduce emissions. Additionally, we are actively pushing for incentives that encourage carriers to modernize their fleets by eliminating outdated taxes that hinder investment.

Another important issue ATA is leading in is lawsuit abuse reform. We firmly believe in upholding fairness and justice in our legal system, and we are working towards ending the manipulation of civil justice for personal gain. Our victories in states like Iowa and Florida have been significant steps towards restoring balance and fairness in highway accident litigation.

Unlike industries that focus on algorithms and screens, we are a hands-on industry of problem solvers and risk-takers. Our daily work directly impacts the functioning of grocery stores, hospitals, manufacturing sites, and construction sites across the country. We play a crucial role in delivering the standard of living enjoyed by Americans nationwide, and our success is synonymous with America's success.

That is why the American Trucking Associations is so important. We must ensure that our collective voice is heard in the halls of power, both at the state and federal levels. As a company that played a pivotal role in the founding of ATA 90 years ago, I am honored to have served as its chairman and to continue the important work being done to secure the future of the trucking industry and our great nation.

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In Conclusion

the past year has shed a much-needed light on the essential role of trucking in our society. From delivering crucial supplies during times of crisis to keeping our economy moving, trucking has proved to be an indispensable industry. As we move forward, it is important to recognize and support the hardworking truck drivers and companies that keep our country running. Let us never take for granted the vital role that trucking plays in our daily lives.

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