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Company Registration $49.95 per year
Drivers $12.00 per driver
MRO (Medical Review Officer) Included
DOT Drug Test $71.00
DOT Random Selection Alcohol Breath Test $49.00
DOT Breath Alcohol Test $71.00 Reasonable Suspicion, Return to Duty, Follow Up or Post Accident
Supervisor Training Certificate Course $59.00 - FREE for new registrations of 5 or more drivers.
Supervisor Training Certificate Course to NON-Members $65.00 DOT Approved Supervisor Training Course Available to NON-Members
24 Hour Emergency Support Line Included
Random Selection Reports Included
State and Federal Audit Reports Included
Federal Test Forms Included
DOT Collection Fee Included (see the Rate Sheet for more details).
Post Accident/Emergency After Hours Drug Test In Clinic or Onsite collection dispatch available 24/7 (See the Rate Sheet for details)
Pre Employment Drug Tests $71
Order Drug Tests $71 Post Accident, Reasonable Suspicion
Post-Accident drug and alcohol test
In case of an accident please review the “FMCSA-POST-ACCIDENT-TESTING-CRITERIA” then if needed please call 888-582-8001 and during business hours someone will help you directly or after hours follow the prompts and dispatch will help you. Be aware that after hours and emergency onsite service can cost approximately $500.00 so be sure you need it.
Follow Up Test $107.00
Return to Duty $107.00
Donor requested split sample drug test (after positive result). $105.00 When a urine drug test returns a positive result the donor has the right to request in writing to the MRO to have the split portion of their specimen tested (if available) within 72 hours of being notified by the MRO of the positive result.
Pre Employment Test $71
Alcohol Test $71

Register today and your membership will take effect immediately and be good for one full year (365 days).