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How Do I sign up as a new member?

Membership Sign Up Instructions

1)    From the home page of labworksusa.com click on the “Sign Up Now” or “Sign Up Here” button.

2)    Step #1 - Fill in your company information.

a.     Take extra care to enter your company name correctly as this is how we track and confirm several items in our database.

                                                    i.     If somehow your company was previously a member, we retain your company name

b.     Be sure to select whether you have a USDOT number or not. If you do not have a USDOT number and are not sure if you need one go to https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/registration/do-i-need-usdot-number-1  and this will walk you through a series of questions to determine if you do or not. Of course, if you do have on please input it at the bottom of the first step of the sign up.

c.     Select if you are an owner operator (An Owner Operator is someone that owns a company and is also a driver, even if he has one or more drivers working for him under his authority/USDOT number.)

                                                    i.     This will make sure you receive any Random test notifications properly and in compliance with the DOT regulations.

d.     All invoices will be emailed.

e.     The provided email address(es) will be used for all contact, including random selections, invoicing, test results, quarterly newsletters and promotional offers. Please be sure your alternate contact person/email is authorized to receive all confidential and non-confidential communication.

f.       Please enter where you heard about Labworks USA as this allows us to thank the people that have referred you to us.

g.     Please click on the “I am not a robot button” we apologize for the necessity of this step, but this is critical in protecting you.

3)    Step #2 – Driver information.

a.     Enter your driver’s Information:

                                                    i.     name,

                                                   ii.     date of birth (this is a new requirement due to the FMCSA Clearinghouse. This must be the correct date, or it will not process in the Clearinghouse),

                                                 iii.     CDL # and state of CDL registry,

                                                 iv.     The zip code for where the driver’s base is. This may be different than the company’s zip code. This will be used to set the drivers closest default clinic for testing.

                                                  v.     Under “Pre-Employment Test” select one of the 2 radio buttons:          

1.     Available for Inspection - Means that the driver has been a random drug and alcohol testing program within the last 30 days, and you have proof of this on file.

2.     Pre-Employment test – this will automatically set this driver up for a DOT pre-employment drug test.

                                                 vi.     Under “Registered in the Clearinghouse” is asking if you have registered in the FMCSA Clearinghouse and have selected Labworks USA as your C/TPA and that you have purchased queries in the Clearinghouse.

1.     If you select “Yes” Labworks will automatically initiate a Full Pre-Employment query on your behalf for all of the drivers listed here and anytime you add drivers in the future.    

2.     If select “No” then you are stating that you will be responsible for managing all of your FMCSA Clearinghouse responsibilities.

b.     To add additional drivers, click on the blue circle/plus sign and proceed as above. Add as many drivers as you wish.

                                                    i.     If you have 20 or more drivers to add at one time, please contact us at customer.support@labworksusa.com and we will accept your driver file and facilitate getting your drivers entered.

c.     If you do not have any drivers to add at this time, then click on “Skip”.

d.     Double check all of your drivers’ data and click “Submit”

4)    Step 3 – Supervisor Training

a.     If you are a company with 2 or more drivers’ you will need to take this training to be a Driver Supervisor or Designated Employee Representative (DER)

                                                    i.     This a requirement of the DOT regulation:

1.     49 CFR 382.603 is the applicable regulation requiring supervisors of commercial motor vehicle drivers who operate vehicles that require a commercial driver license to take 60 minutes of training on the symptoms of alcohol abuse and another 60 minutes of training on the symptoms of controlled substances use.

b.     Enter the name of the person that will be responsible for taking this training and will be responsible for the associated duties.

c.     Enter this person’s email address.

d.     If you have signed up with 5 or more drivers this course will be free.

e.     This is a “Once a Lifetime” course and as long as you can produce the completion certificate you never have to take it again even if you change companies.

f.       If you are not sure whether you need this course, you can skip this step and add it later from within your account portal.

g.     If you have entered the information, click the box “Enroll for $59.00” then, click submit.

h.     When you have completed your sign-up process the email address entered here will receive an email with instructions and a username and password to login to the training website.

5)    Step 4 – Review your order

a.     Be sure all the listed charges are correct.

b.     Click on “Terms and Conditions” and read them.

c.     After you have read the terms and conditions, click on the box acknowledging this.

d.     Click submit.

6)    Step 5 – Payment Option

a.     Click on one of the boxes:

                                                    i.     Credit Card

1.     This brings up a standard credit card authorization form

                                                   ii.     ACH – (Automated Clearing House)

1.     This brings up a form for your checking account information.

b.     After you have completed the form click submit.

c.     This payment method will be stored and will be billed only for completed Random drug tests and annual membership renewals.

                                                    i.     An email will be sent to your primary email address alerting you 2 weeks prior to your impending expiring membership or completed Random tests. You will be advised to sign into your account and review the open invoice(s) and to update your payment method (s) as needed.

7)    After your payment processes successfully, you will see the “Payment Confirmation” page with your transaction ID and payment amount.

a.     This page has a link to your new account portal.

b.     Please read the notes on this page as they are useful to make sure you are compliant.

8)    You will receive an email further confirming your transaction and giving you your username and password to log into your account portal.

a.     This email will have your Enrolment certificate which is what you will need to have on file to prove your DOT compliance with Regulations 49 CFR Parts 40 and 382.

b.     Be sure to save this email.

How do I remove a driver?

Removing a driver from the consortium requires a written request but it can be as simple going to www.labworksusa.com, select ‘Manage Account’ then select ‘Remove a Driver’ or just click here > REMOVE.

How do I add drivers?

There are 3 ways to add drivers within your company portal:

1. On your dashboard click on the blue Add Driver button. This takes you directly to the Add New Driver page.

1.    At the top you will see ways to refine your drivers list when you have a long list of drivers:

a.    “Date Range” – Refine the list by “Registered Date”

b.    “Keyword Search” – Search by Driver name, CDL number, State, D.O.B. and zip code.

c.    “Status” - Search by Active, Inactive or Pending.

d.    When you have entered your desired search criteria click the yellow “Search” button.

2.    Green “Download” button- This will download a spreadsheet of the currently displayed driver list.

Blue “Add Driver” Button – Click this to add a new driver to your list.

2. On your dashboard click on the blue Add Driver button. This takes you directly to the Add New Driver page.

                                                                                          i.    Enter the name, D.O.B. (Date of Birth), CDL number, State of CDL registry, Zip Code for the driver’s base,

                                                                                        ii.    Options under Pre-Employment Test*

1.    Available for Inspection – Select this option if a driver has been part of a random testing program during the last 30 days and you have confirmed this with the covering company and have a copy of that record.

2.    Pre-Employment Test - Select this option If the driver has NOT been a part of a random testing program for the past 30 days. They must take a pre-employment drug test.

                                                                                       iii.    Options under Registered in Clearinghouse?*

1.    Yes or No – This is to ensure that you, as an employer have registered in the FMCSA Clearinghouse https://clearinghouse.fmcsa.dot.gov/ and to ask if, during that registration, you selected Labworks USA as your C/TPA and if you further selected us to manage your clearinghouse queries for pre-employment and annual limited. Note that all Owner Operators must select Labworks USA as their C/TPA in the Clearinghouse. If you select yes here, you MUST still register in the FMCSA Clearinghouse. This simply lets us know that you want us to manage your queries.

                                                                                       iv.    Add Driver – Click the Blue Circle to add multiple drivers.

b.    After you have added all your driver(s) information click “Submit”.

c. This takes you to the payment page.

d. After you have completed your purchase you will receive a transaction confirmation email.

e. You will receive a separate email from dontreply@escreen.com with instructions for scheduling any purchased services.

How do I change the official contact person (DER) or other information for our company?

Go to ‘Manage Your Account’ then ‘Update Company Information’ or just click here > UPDATE COMPANY INFO.

How do I find a collection site?

There are two ways to find a collection site for a drug test:

  1. Call the phone number in the upper right hand corner of the test form (1 (800) 877 7484) where you will be able to search by zip code.
  2. Click here > COLLECTION SITES or from our site menu above. Click on "Collection Sites" then click the link to "View collection site locator". When you are in the Quest collection site locator page enter only the zip code and adjust the search distance. You must make a selection in the "Filter By Provided Services" column. choose "Urine Drug Screen Collections" then unless otherwise directed choose "Regulated" or choose "Breath Alcohol Testing" or both if you require both. When your clinic choices come up be sure to note the hours that the specific clinic makes Regulated Drug and/or Breath Alcohol Tests (BAT).
  3. Note - You can take our Electronic CCF to any collection site. The collection site pre-selected on the form is the site closest to the zip code provided when the driver was added and will already have a copy of the emailed eCCF.

How do I get an alcohol test completed?

1. You should make sure you have your paper copy of the BAT form sent to you by Labworks USA.
2. The best way to find the listing of these clinics is by clicking on the link ‘Collection Sites’ then click "View Collection Site Locator"  You must put in only the zip code for your location then indicate the search is for an alcohol test by clicking on ‘Breath Alcohol.’ 
3. If you have problems finding a location or if you do not have a copy of the BAT form please call our office at 1 (888) 582 8001.

How do I get more test forms?

We are no longer including paper CCF forms in your welcome packet. The number of errors and lost or delayed test results due to the hand written forms has made it essential to move to electronic CCF's. The only time you will receive a paper form is when you are selected for a random drug or alcohol test. For any other testing requirements simply go to "Manage your Account" on the website and either select "Add a Driver" and select "Add a Pre-Employment test" or go to "Order Drug Tests" and select the reason for the test. An electronic test form will be sent to your email and you can print it out or take your smart phone or tablet to the clinic and they will scan it. If you still need a paper form, please call customer service and we will make arrangements to get you a paper form mailed to you. 888-582-8001

How do I receive test results?

Your test results are distributed as soon as they are released from our doctor’s office by email. The email address used is the one provided in the initial membership registration. If you still don’t see the test results in your email inbox check the spam folder, they often end up there. If you still have problems locating your results please email customer.service@labworksusa.com or call our office at 1 (888) 582 8001.

How does the Random Selection program work?

We complete four (the minimum allowable under DOT regulations) blind computer generated selections per calendar year. Every driver is eligible for every selection. The chances of being selected are dictated by the US DOT and for the current year are 25% for a drug test and 10% for an alcohol test.

If you are an owner operator you will be notified by US Mail. Once notified getting tested must be the next thing you do.

If you are the designated employer representative (DER) for your company you will be notified first by email and second by US Mail. You will be given 2-3 weeks to get the tests completed for your drivers. Once you notify a driver of their selection getting to the clinic for the test must be the next thing that driver does.

All tests must be completed within the calendar quarter that you were notified of the test(s).

I’m getting audited (or inspected); what do I need from Labworks USA?

Upon request Labworks USA will send you a set of reports that show your company’s test statistics for the current and prior year. Your current membership entitles you to these reports at no charge. Go to ‘Manage Your Account’ then select ‘Audit Assistance’ or just click here > AUDIT.

When do I need to have a Post-Accident drug and/or Alcohol test?


Click on the link above to read this flyer to understand when the DOT requires a Post-Accident drug and alcohol test.