Aug 10, 2023

Breaking Down the Numbers and Analyzing Roadcheck Violations Related to Brakes and Hours of Service

During a recent three-day compliance inspection campaign undertaken in the United States, it was found that a significant proportion of the commercial motor vehicles surveyed were deemed ineligible for service, constituting approximately 19.3% of the total number. These include roadside inspections across North America.

Furthermore, a similar inspection of U.S. drivers identified that 5.8% were prevented from continuing their operations due to non-compliance issues.

The percentage of vehicles presents common violations throughout the past years affecting a certain percentage of drivers (truck drivers) going through in-depth driver inspections for better driver safety.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's International Roadcheck, held on May 16-18 of 2023, garnered significant results for this country.

The CVSA reported that U.S. qualified inspectors conducted a total of 53,847 Level I, II, and III Inspections, resulting in 15,932 vehicles, 5,020 drivers, and 205 hazardous material out-of-service violations. These findings provide valuable insights for enhancing road safety across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 

Vehicle violations and driver violations is an important matter that's why enforcement initiative is important.

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During inspections conducted by U.S. authorities, several critical violations were discovered across the commercial vehicle industry.

  • The foremost infraction resulting in vehicular downtime pertained to the functionality of brake systems. 

    • Brake system violations or Brake Violations

    • Proper brake adjustment

    • Brake system inspection

    • Checked brake system components

    • Brake Friction

    • Air brakes functionality (e.g Air Disc Brake pads etc)

    • ABS Violations

  • The predominant infraction resulting in driver disqualification was non-compliance with regulations governing hours of service.

    • Checked hours of service violations

    • Correct Service Rates

    • Service conditions

    • Service vehicle violations

    • Gone through Service Training

    • Active Service for protection

    • Security service 

  • The most prevalent infraction pertaining to hazardous substances which led to cessation of operations was that concerning the loading process.

  • Quality inspectors mentioned a total of 2,798 contraventions were issued for inadequate cargo-securing measures.

    • Trucking company Insurance Companies association for Cargo Insurance

  • After carrying out a thorough examination, it was discovered that a sum of 1,264 power units and 2,428 trailers were in violation of the regulations pertaining to the anti-lock braking system.

    • No routine maintenance made

  • A total of 931 safety belt violations were recorded by the inspecting authorities.

The foremost instances of noncompliance with regulations among drivers in the United States encompassed:

  • The quantum of working hours rendered, amounting to 1976 duly conforms to the prescribed standards of diligent labor.

  • The count of spurious records stands at 1,374, indicative of the unauthenticated and misleading nature of the aforementioned logs.

  • An additional four hundred and seventy-six units (476).

  • The license that is invalidated is around 414.

    • Failure on driver requirements or driver operating requirements

  • Unfortunately, the absence of a valid medical card is around 241

Among the foremost inadequacies detected in vehicles that have been retired from service in the United States are:

  • The braking mechanism witnessed a high number of faults, with 4,041 cases reported.

  • Tires were also identified as problematic, with 3,172 incidents noted.

  • The service brakes were found to be defective in 2,236 instances

  • Cargo securement presented a challenge in 1,969 cases.

  • Illumination was another area of concern, with 1,811 occurrences of lighting issues identified.

Pertaining to the recent inspection activities, the authorized officials affixed CVSA decals on a collective sum of 17,270 transport units comprising 12,284 power units, 4,681 trailers, and 305 motorcoaches/buses.

More Findings

In a comprehensive survey spanning multiple countries, inspectors certified by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) identified non-compliant vehicles in nearly one-fifth of inspections conducted. As a result of these violations, a significant 11,270 commercial motor vehicles were temporarily taken off public roads until such time that the issues were adequately resolved. This highlights the importance of rigorous safety standards and the critical role that CVSA-certified inspectors play in preserving the safety of our roadways.

A total of 17,479 vehicle out-of-service violations were noted, indicating a significant need for heightened compliance with safety regulations within the commercial motor vehicle industry.

Such findings underscore the importance of regular, rigorous inspections to ensure the safety of the traveling public and the well-being of commercial motor vehicle operators and their cargo.

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2022 Out- of Service Backtrack

In the preceding year, a comprehensive examination was conducted by inspectors, revealing a total of 59,026 inspections. As a result, 12,456 commercial motor vehicles and 3,714 commercial motor vehicle drivers were found to be non-compliant and were consequently placed out of service.

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