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What is a Truck Driver Recruiter

06/03/2022 08:06

Truck drivers are essential for our country's economy because they transport goods and materials all over the United States. Without truck drivers, businesses and consumers wouldn't have what they need. Truck driver recruiters are used by trucking companies to find the best candidates for these crucial positions. If you're thinking about becoming a truck driver recruiter, you may be wondering what exactly this job entails.

A truck driver recruiter works for an employment agency that finds jobs for truck drivers.

As a truck driver recruit­er, you will work with truck drivers and successful trucking com­panies. You should be knowledgeable about the needs of the company and can match them to qualified drivers. You will help applicants get their driver’s licenses by providing them with the necessary forms and ensuring that they comply with federal regulations. You want to be mindful of the needs of drivers and trucking companies so that you can provide them with a good fit.

Job Expectations of a Truck Driver Recruiter

Recruiters often hold bachelor’s degrees. It's not mandatory, but having a degree is a plus. Customer service and sales experience lend themselves well to the field of recruitment, as do experience in the trucking business.

Often, job duties include ensuring new recruits meet Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for drivers. It is important to prescreen drivers to make sure they know the company‘s benefits and the expectations for the job. You need to be comfortable using technology to generate leads, which includes social media.

You're expected to work within a process designed to handle drivers from their first contact through to the end of the hiring process. This system often involves managing hundreds of leads a day, working with recruits through orientation, and maintaining paperwork in the driver’s files.

Recruiters are necessary because they help companies find

Trucking companies are always looking for new drivers, so the demand for qualified truck drivers keeps rising. You work as a "matchmaker" to connect the best driver with the company that reflects the driver's values. Once you know what is important to the truck driver, such as a good work/life balance, high pay levels, or preference for a specific type of truck, you'll be able to find a company that matches those same needs. Replacing drivers can be expensive for companies. Retention is important for trucking companies, and recruiters play an important role in keeping drivers happy.

A truck driver recruiter should know interpersonal skills and knowledge.

As a recruiter for a transportation company, you must be confident, proactive, and professional when meeting new drivers. Being able to organize yourself with materials and time is important. The need for the organization comes from the fact that managing many different projects and teams at once requires a lot of coordination. One of the most important skills is the ability to develop relationships with both drivers and HR professionals.

Here are the habits of highly effective truck driver recruiters.

1. Respond Quickly

One of our most valuable truck driver recruiting tips is to respond to new application submissions quickly. Most drivers apply to multiple carriers at once, so from the moment they hit submit, they're in a race whether they like it or not.

2. Stay in touch!

Keep in touch with drivers after they submit an app. There are always reasons to stay in touch with drivers. The more communication you've had with them during the time between when they applied for the job and when they get their first orientation, the better. It makes driving easier for drivers, and if they don't talk to you, plenty of other carri­ers in the trucking industry will be happy to.

3. Stay connected to the latest trends in digital marketing.

Most applicants who apply this time around won't end up driving for you, but some might. Accept that market reality. Stay connected with potential drivers over time. Your driver recruiting strategy should involve staying connected via personal calls and emails, and/or an automated content delivery system, such as drip marketing (e.g., email campaigns).

4. Make sure to know the details

Earn credibility by knowing all the details of the job you're recruiting for—not just the pay per mile and average mileage but also the fine points. For example, how exactly does the mileage bonus program work and how are benefits plans structured? Be ready to answer the driver's questions clearly and honestly.

5. Know the Technology Platform

Being a successful driver recruiter means knowing the recruiting process from a driver's perspective. Make sure you can explain the process to a driver. It helps smooth the process for passengers and provides a relevant reason for them to stay in touch with you. Internally, recruiters are really busy, with a thousand things to do and just as many interruptions. Being familiar with the technology tools available to you will improve your hiring success rate and help you get through the day without going crazy.

6. Know Where You Need the Driver Most

Perhaps one of the most important truck driver recruiter tips we have for you is simple: knowing where you need help the most. While it’s true that most carriers hire as many drivers as they can find and qualify, everyone has some extra-hot positions. One of the most important things we have for truck drivers is simple: knowing where there are gaps in your knowledge.

While it’s true most carriers hire as many truck drivers as they can find, everyone has some extra hot positions. Maybe your sales team has been working with a particular region for a long time and they just recently started picking up freight from a different region. Or maybe one of your fleets or terminals is just really hard to fill.

7. Know Your Recruiting Policies and Procedures

It's certainly not the last thing we want to talk about, but it's definitely not the least either. A recruiter who keeps asking you for just one more thing will drive you nuts. Hiring drivers as quickly and as painless as possible translates into a larger pool of hired drivers, which means that they learn the necessary details before engaging with them.

At Labworks USA, we have partnered with several fleets, trucking companies, and recruiters. We serve as their go-to DOT Consortium when it comes to their Drug and Alcohol testing compliance.. If you are an aspiring truck driver recruiter, feel free to connect with us here.

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