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DOT Medical Card Requirements for Non-CDL Drivers

05/28/2021 08:36

When it comes to the files that each type of truck driver must keep on hand, the difference between CDL (commercial driver’s license) and non-CDL drivers can be a bit confusing. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has a clear set of rules for CDL drivers, but determining which rules also apply to non-CDL drivers can be difficult. For example, what are the DOT medical card requirements for non-CDL drivers? Read on to learn what is and is not required for non-CDL drivers.

What Is a DOT Medical Card?

A DOT medical card is a medical certificate that shows that a driver has passed a DOT medical exam and that they’re qualified to drive. To become qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), all CDL drivers must pass a DOT medical exam. In certain situations, non-DOT drivers must also pass this exam—this applies if the vehicle they will be driving is between 10,001 and 26,001 lb.

Do Non-CDL Drivers Need a Medical Card?

We’ve already established that both CDL drivers and non-CDL drivers who fall into a certain category must undergo a DOT medical examination. But what are the DOT medical card requirements for non-CDL drivers? Do non-CDL drivers need a medical card at all, and if so, must they always carry them? The answer, according to the DOT: yes, non-CDL drivers who fall into the category of needing a DOT medical exam are required to have a DOT medical card. Though it’s not explicitly stated, non-CDL drivers should also carry this card with them whenever they drive commercial vehicles. Unlike CDL drivers, non-CDL drivers are not required to self-certify their Medical Examiner’s Certificate to the State Driver Licensing Agency.

It’s important for truck drivers to have medical cards, as they’re the proof that a medical examiner has deemed a driver healthy enough to operate a CMV. CDL drivers, too, should understand what is required of them in terms of their medical records; failing to adhere to the DOT’s guidelines may lead to the loss of certain driving privileges for such drivers. CDL drivers, non-CDL drivers, and their employers should also strive to remain DOT compliant in all other ways, including post-accident drug and alcohol testing procedures. Register with Labworks USA today, and we’ll take the burden of DOT drug and alcohol testing compliance from your shoulders.

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