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All invoices will be emailed. If you require paper invoices sent via USPS please contact customer.service@labworksusa.com.

The provided email addresses will be used for all contact, including: random selections, invoicing, test results, quarterly newsletters and promotional offers. Please be sure your alternate contact person/email is authorized to receive all confidential and non-confidential communication.

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Before January 6th, ALL Employers, including Owner Operators, MUST register for the FMCSA Clearinghouse. ALL Owner Operators Must select Labworks USA as their C/TPA during the registration process and employers of 2 or more drivers have the option. Labworks USA Will manage all applicable Clearinghouse duties for you if we are selected as your C/TPA.

After January 6th we will not be able to order Pre-employment tests for you without confirmation that you are registered. Click on the Clearinghouse tab above for detailed instructions and links to register, or click here to go directly to the registration website.

Covers all CDL holders driving a CMV of 26,100lbs, a passenger vehicle carrying 16 or more passengers including the driver or a vehicle transporting hazardous materials. This is a very brief description, for a detailed explanation please click here for DOT regulation 49 CFR part 40.

Covers any company that receives federal funds for any public transit activities. Click here and go to part 655.3 for a detailed explanation of the FTA regulations. Be very certain that you are covered under the FTA regulations. As of January 2019 the random drug testing rate is 50% and the alcohol rate is 10% of the overall pool.
  • The zip code added above should be the closest to the driver’s base and will be used to select his default collection clinic. This can be different than the company billing zip code.
  • Any driver added with a Pre-employment test required will be considered a new hire and added to your active driver list and to the random testing pool if applicable. If you do not hire this driver please come back to “Manage Your Account-Manage Drivers-Remove Drivers” and enter the driver information. Otherwise email customer.service@labworksusa.com and request the driver be removed from your list.
  • If the driver has NOT been a part of a random testing program for the past 30 days they must take a pre-employment drug test. You will be charged the listed rate for this service.
  • If a driver has been part of a random testing program during the last 30 days and you have confirmed this with the covering company and have a copy of that record then click on the button “NO Pre-employment test” and you will only have the fee for adding the driver in our system.

DOT Regulations require that each company with more than one driver designate a Supervisor who is trained to identify drug or alcohol use at the workplace. This Supervisor must complete a two-hour training course. If your company has someone with direct driver contact who already has completed the course, it is not necessary to complete it again. The online Supervisor Training Certification Course costs $59.00.

Leave this section blank if you do not want to purchase the $59.00 training course.

After you sign up and pay for the Supervisor Training Certification Course, we will email you a link so you can take the Course.

  • For new members with 5 or more drivers this training will be free of charge.
  • You can order this course at a later time through manage your account.
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Enrollment of company in the Labworks USA Consortium 1 $49.95 $49.95
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  • Pre-Employment tests ordered during your initial sign up will take approximately 24-48 hours to process and return an electronic test form (eCCF).

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