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How do I add a driver?

There are two ways to add a driver:

  1. Select the ‘Manage Account’ tab at the top of the page, then ‘Add a Driver’ or just click here > ADD A DRIVER.
  2. You can call customer service at 888-582-8001 and we will assist you in adding the driver. Note, you will be required to make the $12.00 payment when you call in so please have your credit card or checking account information available.

How do I remove a driver?

Removing a driver from the consortium requires a written request but it can be as simple going to www.labworksusa.com, select ‘Manage Account’ then select ‘Remove a Driver’ or just click here > REMOVE.

How do I change the official contact person (DER) or other information for our company?

Go to ‘Manage Your Account’ then ‘Update Company Information’ or just click here > UPDATE COMPANY INFO.

How do I find a collection site?

There are two ways to find a collection site for a drug test:

  1. Call the phone number in the upper right hand corner of the test form (1 (800) 877 7484) where you will be able to search by zip code.
  2. Click here > COLLECTION SITES or from our site menu above. Click on "Collection Sites" then click the link to "View collection site locator". When you are in the Quest collection site locator page enter only the zip code and adjust the search distance. You must make a selection in the "Filter By Provided Services" column. choose "Urine Drug Screen Collections" then unless otherwise directed choose "Regulated" or choose "Breath Alcohol Testing" or both if you require both. When your clinic choices come up be sure to note the hours that the specific clinic makes Regulated Drug and/or Breath Alcohol Tests (BAT).
  3. Note - You can take our Electronic CCF to any collection site. The collection site pre-selected on the form is the site closest to the zip code provided when the driver was added and will already have a copy of the emailed eCCF.

How do I get an alcohol test completed?

1. You should make sure you have your paper copy of the BAT form sent to you by Labworks USA.
2. The best way to find the listing of these clinics is by clicking on the link ‘Collection Sites’ then click "View Collection Site Locator"  You must put in only the zip code for your location then indicate the search is for an alcohol test by clicking on ‘Breath Alcohol.’ 
3. If you have problems finding a location or if you do not have a copy of the BAT form please call our office at 1 (888) 582 8001.

How do I get more test forms?

We are no longer including paper CCF forms in your welcome packet. The number of errors and lost or delayed test results due to the hand written forms has made it essential to move to electronic CCF's. The only time you will receive a paper form is when you are selected for a random drug or alcohol test. For any other testing requirements simply go to "Manage your Account" on the website and either select "Add a Driver" and select "Add a Pre-Employment test" or go to "Order Drug Tests" and select the reason for the test. An electronic test form will be sent to your email and you can print it out or take your smart phone or tablet to the clinic and they will scan it. If you still need a paper form, please call customer service and we will make arrangements to get you a paper form mailed to you. 888-582-8001

How do I receive test results?

Your test results are distributed as soon as they are released from our doctor’s office by email. The email address used is the one provided in the initial membership registration. If you still don’t see the test results in your email inbox check the spam folder, they often end up there. If you still have problems locating your results please email customer.service@labworksusa.com or call our office at 1 (888) 582 8001.

How does the Random Selection program work?

We complete four (the minimum allowable under DOT regulations) blind computer generated selections per calendar year. Every driver is eligible for every selection. The chances of being selected are dictated by the US DOT and for the current year are 25% for a drug test and 10% for an alcohol test.

If you are an owner operator you will be notified by US Mail. Once notified getting tested must be the next thing you do.

If you are the designated employer representative (DER) for your company you will be notified first by email and second by US Mail. You will be given 2-3 weeks to get the tests completed for your drivers. Once you notify a driver of their selection getting to the clinic for the test must be the next thing that driver does.

All tests must be completed within the calendar quarter that you were notified of the test(s).

I’m getting audited (or inspected); what do I need from Labworks USA?

Upon request Labworks USA will send you a set of reports that show your company’s test statistics for the current and prior year. Your current membership entitles you to these reports at no charge. Go to ‘Manage Your Account’ then select ‘Audit Assistance’ or just click here > AUDIT.

When do I need to have a Post-Accident drug and/or Alcohol test?


Click on the link above to read this flyer to understand when the DOT requires a Post-Accident drug and alcohol test.