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DOT Compliance for Trucking Companies

05/24/2021 13:34

At Labworks USA, we understand the need for a C/TPA you can trust. Ensuring you are compliant is one of the most important steps you need to take before you or anyone within your company gets behind the wheel. That is why we provide trusted and reliable DOT compliance for trucking companies all across the nation. No matter what you haul, Labworks USA is who to call.    

Staying compliant can be a tedious task to handle on top of all other business matters—that is why we have developed a service to ensure you or those driving for your company are being tested to maintain compliance and safety. Whether it is pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return to duty, or a follow-up, we have the testing capabilities to handle any scenario. Let us lift the weight of managing DOT compliance for trucking companies off your shoulders; we can bear the weight of keeping your business compliant and help ensure safety on the roadways for your drivers and others.   

Types of drug and alcohol testing we cover and keep you compliant for:  

Pre-Employment: This testing service was designed to provide DOT compliance for trucking companies before the driver is on the road. The driver must pass this drug and alcohol test before they can even be allowed to drive for a company to ensure safety and compliance.   

Random: These tests are mandatory to ensure compliance is maintained anytime they are on duty, before duty, or after duty. When the summons is received, the driver must respond immediately to maintain DOT compliance.    

Reasonable-Suspicion: If a qualified employee states that there is reason to believe a driver is under the influence, you can require a driver to take a drug or alcohol test.    

Post-Accident: If an accident happens, a driver may be required to take a drug test within 32 hours of the accident and/or an alcohol test within 8 hours.   

Return To Duty: If a drug or alcohol test was failed or refused, the driver must meet with an SAP. After finishing the provided program, they will need to complete a drug and alcohol test before driving again.   

Follow Up: Returning to duty also entails follow-up tests; these are unannounced tests to ensure compliance is maintained by the driver. 

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