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    How does the Random Selection program work?

    We complete four (the minimum allowable under DOT regulations) blind computer generated selections per calendar year. Every driver is eligible for every selection. The chances of being selected are dictated by the US DOT and for the current year are 25% for a drug test and 10% for an alcohol test.

    If you are an owner operator you will be notified by US Mail. Once notified getting tested must be the next thing you do.

    If you are the designated employer representative (DER) for your company you will be notified first by email and second by US Mail. You will be given 2-3 weeks to get the tests completed for your drivers. Once you notify a driver of their selection getting to the clinic for the test must be the next thing that driver does.

    All tests must be completed within the calendar quarter that you were notified of the test(s).